Shaping desire and embracing passion, with the fructifying power of besswax.



Imagine the force of a million flowers opening……

The force of a million tiny green fruits
Beginning to swell with sweetness
Then developing ripe
Evolving before your eyes

Then, pick up a tiny piece of beeswax.
And marvel that this is the force that you hold in the palm of your hand. 

Bees are conduits of evolution.   Their hives are built from the very essence of sexuality, which feeds them.    They create a waxy substance that stores the fire of sexual energy.

These magical creatures remind us that desire is the very fuel of change.   Bees can teach us that its raw force can be honed and preserved.

Feel this fuel……how it releases in the depths of longing…….and there to spark fire that melts the very source of its fuel.   As longing that melts inside us.    It melts even to the point of unreeling.   And then unreeling even the shape of the very desires we seek…..



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  1. I love this…the image of a million flowers opening and the sheer power and energy encompassed in that.


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