Desire precedes awareness, bubbling up from the blood.

It works the hidden wires,
in disguise, it rhymes with silence.

seducing the purpose,
in search of nuance,

entice it to the surface
by hints imply
the rich illusions
that loosen the ties

just enough
of the mind untouched
by judgment
to fuel the flood
of will to drive us
there is power in the blood
that desire can unbind.

This is the slow yearning of time………….that aches to move us forward.        We can learn, like the bees how to harness it.   Though its raw power often remains untouched.

The secret of desire is that it is not fixed.   As the fuel of change… is the very stuff of mutability, and it is always in a state of fluctuation.   We can let it grow and transform.   If we savor it and honor it as sacred essence.

To honor it… pause just a little……to stir within it…….in the well of sustained longing.     And gently infused with breath of intention………there, it melts in the furnace of action……and there it fuels the spark of passion, the psychic heart of spirit’s vital flame.
tumblr_m8ggfcC6cC1qiyy4wo1_500Desire holds the keys of empathy.    Desire holds the keys of union and integrity.   Those keys unlock a door, and we are propelled forward, in affinity for all else that lives and grows.

All life becomes us, and we are alive.   The fire of will expands, as it grows in synergy with the forces of nature around it.

But first you have to start with “I want this.”    Not to fear it, or to horde it.   Not to simply dismiss it as a mere distraction from our true spiritual selves.    But to acknowledge desire as a source of intrinsic spiritual value, in and of itself.

For as we shape desire…..desire shapes us……..until we are perpetually perched on the edge of ecstasy……brimming with magic…..and full of the ability to be whole and to change.

So, let us savor this precious gift we all carry within us:  this little bit of spring.    This little promise of growth….….this common reservoir of creation.




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  1. Denise Aschmann (mom ;) says:

    Wow, Jonathan … this is really something. Amazing. Well done.


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