Summer Solstice


How many Chambers in the Hive?             And…….                                                                    How many Needles on the Pine?                                                                                                         As many as the Songs that Sea Wind Sings                                                                                      Through a Maze of Light on a Crystal Wing

Tonight we are one with the powers of manifestation, creating collective enchantment as we dance with all beings, at the height of the Sun’s power. Tapping into creative flow, and letting go, with the help of nature, we allow our inspiration to find an outlet in action. Using stone, vine, clay and wood, we will build Garden Structures, in co-creation with each other and with nature.
We will hold space by Drumming continuously, and circling around the garden……..tapping into the creative forces of nature, as we take turns adding to the structures…….until the Work is done


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