Ritual to Weave the Memory of the Earth – Rites of Spring 40!

I am excited to be leading a ritual at the Earthspirit comminity’s Rites of Spring festival, which is celebrating its 40th year this May!

A Ritual to Weave the Memory of the Earth

In this ritual, each participant will be invited to share a short personal reflection, poem or prose piece as an offering to the Earth, and then tie a talisman onto the Root of Memory.

We gather to commune with the breath of the world, and sense the Great Mystery which flows in us and beyond us……..and from this place of deep connection………….we are the earth………..and our story is its story………..and as we speak to honor the earth……..so the earth speaks through us!

The lines of our stories are spun on threads of spirit.  And as our stories merge, they trace a web of meaning……..woven on a tapestry of breath.

That tapestry is held by the Root, whose fibers entwine them, opening complex connections with fungal hyphae in the soil.   Like neural pathways, these connetions tell a story.

……….and stories are memory………and memories are traced on patterns of meaning.

In this ritual, we become the ancestors, helping to lay a foundation of new forms of culture yet to be.   We will chant, raise energy and then bury the Root, which holds the seed of future earth deep within the soil.

Cosmic Web Spins in Me
By the Root-threads of the Tree
Memory of the Earth
Memory of the Earth
I chant this spell, I speak this rhyme, to weave the fabric of the mind…….
Making Magic, Making Whole
By the Webs of Underground Light


For more information on Rites of Spring:                        http://www.earthspirit.com/events/rites-of-spring-2



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  1. indi7 says:

    Wuts the date, time….did I miss it here?Indi


    1. greenclowny says:

      It’s at RITES OF SPRING 40! That is an event with the Earthspirit Community in Western Massachussets


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