Witchcraft Everyday

Have you ever been tantalized by the prospect of marrying the magical with the mundane…..?   A prospect that always seems just within reach…….yet somehow always eludes you?

Have you ever tried to establish a regular practice, and experienced mixed results? Have your efforts to channel your connection to spirit only ended up channeling your own inner frustration or apathy? Then take heart in the path you are on. You are probably on the right track.

Like the moon, our personal magic changes shape from day to day, and week to week. And like the moon, the light it gives is a reflection of a deeper reality.

Therefore, any practice that is done on a regular basis can be seen as a mirror, in which to perceive the totality of the soul, as it subtly shifts its shape. And any magic that is done every day, will inevitably touch base with everything that we are.

These are my thoughts upon reading the excellent work of Thorn Coyle.    In particular “Crafting a Daily Practice” and “Kissing the Limitless”.     I’m excited to begin a Solitary Sharing Circle, based on these ideas:  a circle that would meet weekly to explore the topic of establishing and maintaining an everyday magical practice.

Along the way, we will take turns sharing our favorite breath exercises, energy exercises, divination tools, rituals, spells, visualizations, and pieces of magical lore.  New perspectives can be gained by listening to each other, as we share the practices that we find meaningful.  A space of openness and contemplation can be a powerful tool that each us can use to strengthen our spiritual core.   Such a space can provide the continuity, and the fluidity, for our magic to evolve.



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