What does the name “Bensozia’s Garden” mean?

Bensozia was one of the medieval appellations for the Goddess who led the “good women” as they journeyed through the night.

The name contains th0621160044be latin root “socius” as in “social”, “society” etc, and is sometimes translated as “Good Neighbor”.         Thus she is the kindred divine.        Just as we shape our world, so she shapes hers.

33552_450706827295_3321524_nShe is akin to, yet somewhat apart from us……for all of life is her garden.    All of matter, the whole cosmos, the entire universe.     By journeying with her, we can learn to tend our own gardens, so that our cultivated spaces may be at one with hers, which is the Wilderness of Life.

As our gadsc06246rdens grow in communion with hers, she infuses us with deep wisdom.  And that wisdom can guide us as we build community and shape the world around us.



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