Ritual of Connection to the Spirits of the Land

Sun Apr 30th

In the spring we gather to weave a web of life through the garden.    A web of connection between the domestic and the wild, between the mundane and the divine.    Mimicking nature in patterns of medicinal transplants……..then giving back to this source inspiration, by planting gifts of life force to enhance the natural systems that support them.

By feeding the forces of resilience in nature…..we feed the very root of our healing power.

For to sustain the cycle of regenerative life, is to also preserve the conduit for spirit.

And so…..we build systems of compatible plant communities, and thereby Sacred Space.   We then bless the space with beneficial bacteria, to consecrate the Garden Temple.



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  1. Denise Aschmann (mom ;) says:

    It was such an honor, and a delightful day, to help you work the soil of your own ‘sacred space’ a few short weeks ago. Connecting to the spirit of the land, and sharing that experience with you, will always be a wonderful memory for me.
    Your new post was a joy to read. Well done!


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