Spring Rite of Passion, hosted by Bensozia’s Garden

Spring Rite of Passion

hosted by Bensozia’s Garden                         Apr 1st   West Philadelphia

In this ritual, we will craft the shape of desire, to create the salve of embodied passion.

Bensozia’s Garden is a series of ritual-workshops that aims to integrate practical herbal techniques within the more abstract realm of intuition, spirituality, and magic.

It meets in a private home, and space is limited.    For more information, please contact Green Clown at greenclownofbensozia@yahoo.com

Imagine thIMG_3659e force of a million flowers opening……

The force of a million tiny green fruits
Beginning to swell with sweetness
Then developing ripe
Evolving before your eyes

Then, pick up a tiny piece of beeswax.
And marvel that this is the force that you hold in
the palm of your hand. 




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  1. Denise Aschmann (mom ;) says:

    Love the thought of your workshop focused on the budding of spring (my favorite time of year when the earth awakens again) ~ and this being the budding of your newest endeavour, Bensozia’s Garden. I hope you get a great response!


  2. Nuinn Startree says:

    It sounds like it would be a beautiful rite, if only I didn’t have to work tha t day. I hope that everyone who attends will have a great time.


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